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Did you enjoy your Wi-Fi data trial and want to purchase a data plan for the first time?

If you want to continue benefiting from your Wi-Fi Hotspot, you have the opportunity to set up an account with Vodafone [Alternatively, enter network provider of respective country] and purchase the “Internet in the Car” plan that suits your needs.



  • Get in your car and turn on the ignition. Be sure that you are not driving at the time. 
  • Connect your device to the in-car Wi-Fi Hotspot, and open an internet browser.
  • Enter a URL in your browser such as http://www.opel.xy (Note: please only use an HTTP-based web address, not an HTTPS one).
  • You will automatically be redirected to an instructions screen. Just follow the steps.
  • Set up an account for the “Internet in the Car” portal from Vodafone [Alternatively, enter network provider of respective country].
  • Purchase a Wi-Fi plan on the portal.
  • Switch the Wi-Fi off and on again to connect devices.
  • As soon as you have purchased a data plan, you can continue to enjoy all the benefits of your fast and secure in-car Wi-Fi Hotspot.


After you have set up your account, you can manage and purchase your Wi-Fi plans quickly and comfortably through the Vodafone Internet In the Car portal [ALTERNATIVELY INSERT NAME AND LINK TO LOCAL NETWORK PROVIDER’S PAGE].


Vodafone offers you the data plan that best suits your needs2:

Vodafone’s “Daily plan”1: Best for a single journey. 24 hours or XXGB3 of high speed surfing and streaming for £XX.

Vodafone’s “Monthly plan (28 days)”1: Ideal for frequent use. 28 days or XXGB3 of data for £XX or XX GB of data3 for £XX.


1 You can enjoy internet in the car on Vodafone's network when travelling in certain European destinations at no additional charge [INSERT LINK TO ROAMING SECTION ON THE WEBSITE]. Keep complete control: the Vodafone "Internet in the Car" Portal always keeps you informed of how much data you are using.

2 If you do not have an active OnStar account, you may not purchase Wi-Fi plans.

3 The data plan ends either when the indicated time period expires or you reach the data volume as indicated, whichever comes first.