Stolen Vehicle Assistance. We'll Help Get It Back.

Your car is no longer where you left it – presumably it has been stolen. OnStar1 can help the police to find your car.

All you have to do: report the theft to the police. Your OnStar advisor can then assist the police to search for your car


  • OnStar locates your Opel via GPS and follows its route. Thus, the police knows where your car is located.
  • Your OnStar advisor can permanently disable the ignition of your car - once the engine has been switched off, the thief cannot drive any further.


1 The OnStar Services require activation and are subject to mobile network and GPS coverage and availability. Charges apply after the free trial period. The OnStar subscription packages could be different from the services included in the free trial package. Some features may not be available for certain carlines or trim levels. Terms and conditions apply.