No Unpleasant Surprises - the Vehicle Diagnostics

With the systematic Vehicle Diagnostics you know what the status is at any time. In order to be able to react in time, in case of doubt.1


  • You can stay informed about the condition of your car. OnStar sends you a monthly email. It includes vital current operating data of your vehicle from the oil life up to the tyre pressure. So you always have all relevant information ready at hand.
  • The warning light in the cockpit lights up? Just press the Service Button and talk to your OnStar advisor. With the aid of the On-Demand Diagnostics the OnStar advisor can determine, if there is a damage, how severe it is, and whether you should go to a repair shop
  • You actually have to go to the repair shop? Annoying, but OnStar makes it easy for you: Your OnStar advisor sends the address of the next Opel service partner directly to your built-in Opel navigation system2