The Opel Station Wagon range.

    The convenience of five doors, five seats and a flat load space all adds up to a station wagon, or an estate car. At Opel we call station wagons Sports Tourers – and they come in the stylish shape of the Astra or the new Insignia. Both models are whatever you want them to be: superbly stylish and great to drive.


    Station wagons have come a long way since their utilitarian beginnings. They have acquired a reputation for luxury and quality, driven by people who want the same dynamic handling that they expect from any other car, but with the space that allows them the freedom to take on extra loads.


    If that’s you, check out Opel’s station wagon options: the modern executive answer to high performance convenience embodied in either the Astra Sports Tourer or the new Insignia Sports Tourer. Explore the amazing versatility of the interior and the outstanding convenience of great ergonomic planning. We’re sure, that in terms of flexibility, practicality and convenience, you’ll be convinced.


    Opel has an extensive range of other family cars and SUVs.